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How long does the photoshoot process take?

For most shoots, I recommend calling the studio at least 2 months in advance of your desired session date, but i'm occasionally able to take last-minute sessions if our schedule allows it! For Maternity and Newborn sessions, give me a call when you’re in your second trimester to make sure i'm able to set aside time for time-sensitive shoots.

After you book, i'll either email you your welcome email or send out your welcome package (depending on the session type you booked).  Then, i'll schedule your pre-session consult for about a week before your session. Shoots themselves vary in length, and can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours long. Your Gallery Premier Appointment (where you view your photos) is scheduled about 2 weeks after your session takes place. After you order, product fulfillment time depends on the type of product ordered- for example, prints and cards arrive within 2 weeks, custom frames 6 weeks, and custom albums 10 weeks.

Do you shoot weddings?

Do you have to ask? If so, have you looked at my page. I'm obsessed with weddings and couples. Can't get enough of them :) Please check out the wedding tab for more information and hurry up book your wedding with me so we can start creating memories together. 

What is the best time to do Maternity Sessions?

I recommend that a maternity shoot be scheduled close to your 30-week mark. Give me a call in your second trimester to book!


Best time to do newborn sessions?

The absolute best time to capture sleepy, curly newborn portraits is from 1-10 days of life. For my Signature Newborn Sessions, give me a call in your second trimester to book! 

When is the best time do to Holiday portraits?

In order to receive products for the holiday season, you should book your session before October 31st. I cannot guarantee products arriving before Christmas for sessions booked after the 31st.


Do you offer mini sessions?

I run an exclusive number of session specials throughout the year that are announced on the facebook and the blog. Watch those spaces carefully- session specials sometimes sell out within hours!  

What should I wear/How do I prepare for a session?

When you schedule a session with me, you’ll also schedule a pre-session consultation to take place at the studio or over the phone. During the consultation, i’ll go over your ideas for the shoot, the best wardrobe to compliment your ideas, what to bring with you, and how to prepare for the shoot.

What products do you offer?

All of our products are completely custom-designed by our in-house graphic designer. I offer everything from wallets to huge wall displays with multiple frames. For our complete product guide setup a consult to touch and feel all the amazing products.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, in any amount. Gift certificates are the perfect gift for someone who has already booked a session, or for those ready to make a custom portraiture investment. Contact me to arrange shipping or pickup of a gift certificate!

Can you come to our house?

Yes. Any session can be an on-location session at your home at no extra fee within 30 minutes from Bluffton, Ohio. There is however, an additional fee for newborn session in your home if you desire backdrops, props, and blankets. 

Are the Portraits better in studio?

It depends! Outdoor shoots tend to be more candid and varied, while indoor shoots tend to be more formal. Kids and babies under 3 years old tend to be less distracted when they’re indoors, so it’s easier for us to hold their attention on the camera indoors. Family, maternity, and engagement shoots are all stunning indoors or outdoors.  If you are considering a session at your home, light is an important factor.  If your home doesn’t have great window light throughout the day, the studio may be a better option.

What should I bring along to my ordering session?

I make ordering with JRP easy, and will walk you though the process to create custom products like albums, wall displays, or storyboard canvases. Make sure you’ve reviewed the product guide before you come in, and if you plan to purchase frames or a wall display, measure your walls to see what size is best for you.

What should I suspect for my ordering session?

I always tells my clients that the ordering appointment is helpful and enjoyable, and it’s true! It’s not a chore. It’s a blast to view your whole gallery up on a big screen, then plan your custom products with my help. Clients learn about our rewards program, are able to hold and see each product choice in person, and can utilize my expert help with choosing and designing the right products. I take as much time as needed to answer all of your questions, and makes sure that when you leave, you feel completely confident in your order!



What do I do with my digital files for safe keeping? What about wall art?As soon as you receive digital files from me, BACK THEM UP! You can never have too many copies of digital files for safekeeping. Put the original flash drive in a safe place (a fire-proof safe, if you have one). Wall art is sturdy, durable and won’t fade. If it happens to get something on it, most wall art can simply be wiped down with a cloth. Prints and other products are sprayed for protection.  We also include comprehensive portrait care information cards with every order to ensure your heirloom quality products can be enjoyed for a lifetime.


 Newborn Frequent Asked Questions

When is the best time to schedule newborn sessions?
Typically the best time to schedule is while you are still pregnant so that we can set the date when the baby would be under 2 weeks of age. At this stage, the baby will sleep soundly and can be comfortably curled in to the womb position, making it easier for the wrapping poses. However, I photograph newborns at any age, so if this time does not work good for you, I am happy to schedule another time.

How long does newborn sessions last?
Motherly Newborn sessions typically last between 1.5 - 2 hours, depending on how often your baby needs to feed. Since most of the session is geared towards creating Motherly Portraits with your baby in your arms, we can generally transition very smoothly.

Will I be able to be in photos with my baby?
Absolutely! I highly encourage all mothers to be in photos with their baby. Fathers and siblings are also included.

What should I wear?
My studio and style reflects a soft color palette to keep the focus on you and your baby. We will talk about clothing at your pre-planning session.
Can I bring more people along with me to my session?
I ask that you limit the people you bring to your session to one other person. If the person will be partaking in the session, please let me know. However, if the family are going to be in portraits or your child reacts better with certain family memories i encourage you to bring them along.